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Relationology is the unique body of thought leadership developed by Matt Bird to help you and your business build profitable relationships.

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Matt knows how to grab an audience at the outset and keep people listening. I can guarantee that everyone will learn something new and useful.



How Relationology Can Help You

Relationology Masterminds

Is there a goal or a milestone towards an achievement that really matters to you? Relationology Masterminds provide you with the opportunity to undertake a 100-day campaign to achieve your goal supported by an incredible peer leaders.Find out more

Online Speaker

Are you planning an event where you would like a guest speaker to engage, inform and inspire your audience? Talk to Matt Bird who has world-wide experience as an online speaker which means you can confident he will deliver for you as well as your event.Find out more

Thriving Teams

In our spacially distanced world would you like to help your team genuinely thrive rather than merely survive? Consult with Matt Bird about a the Relationology Thriving Teams programme to increase the wellbeing and performance of your teams.Find out more


Would you like to acquire new skills and relationships to enable you to achieve new success? The Relationology Academy offers a wide range of transformational courses whose hallmark is also the new relationships you build.Find out more

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Relationology 101

101 secrets to grow your business through the power of relationships. Written for busy executives each chapter is punchy and easily digestable.

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Grow Your Business

13 keys to building a relational ecosystem that will generate a constant stream of business growth opportunities.

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Matt Bird is an exceptional conference speaker who imparts practical skills and the belief that you can succeed.



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