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The Relationology Thriving Teams programme helps you support the wellbeing and performance of your people in the new normal.

The Challenge
The global pandemic has changed the way we live and work. The changes that have impacted our businesses, teams and clients are not going away in a hurry. Social distancing, working from home and digital acceleration have become our new way of life. These changes have put huge huge pressure of our teams and the human instinct is to get our heads down and work harder but this can be damaging to wellbeing and business performance.

The Opportunity
Teams that thrive learn to adapt fully to, innovate in the new environment and grasp the wellbeing and business opportunities it offers. The Thriving Teams programme is designed to help your team to thrive rather than survive and is delivered through three integrated phases.

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Thriving Teams programme

Phase 1: Thrive Launch Event
Bringing your team together online for a high-impact Thrive Launch Event (90-120 minutes). The purpose is to: a) Explore how the team can thrive rather than survive and b) Launch Thrive Groups. The event programme will include a combination of inspirational input, group discussion and initial goal setting.

Phase 2: Thrive Groups
Organising your team to meet online in Thrive Groups of 5-6 people on a fortnightly basis (60 minutes). The objective is to provide mutual support and accountability in working towards wellbeing and business goals. In order to strengthen the success of the Thrive Groups Relationology will coach your appointed group facilitators.
Phase 3: Thrive Review Event
Hosting your team for an online Thrive Review Event (75-90 minutes). The purpose is to: a) Celebrate people’s wellbeing and business goals, b) Capture team learning and c) Provide ongoing momentum for thriving rather than surviving as a team.

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