Matt Bird is a global speaker, author and broadcaster. He has also spoken in 40 countries to more than a million people. He has authored more than a dozen books, writes for The Times newspaper and is a regular on radio, TV and livestream.

Matt spends time everyday investing in relationships around the world. Campaign magazine said, ‘When Malcolm Gladwell wrote the chapter on connectors in The Tipping Point, he must have just finished a slap-up lunch with Matt Bird.’

As part of his giving back to society Matt founded an international NGO Cinnamon Network International working across four continents serving people experiencing vulnerability isolation and injustice.

He lives in Wimbledon, England with his wife Esther and their three children. In his spare time you can find him at his allotment growing goodies for the Birdnest kitchen table.

In his keynote speeches Matt uses the power of story, experience and humour to inspire people that they can change and provides them with the practical tools they can implement for immediate results. The top three subjects he has been asked to speak on recently include…

Growth Through Relationships

Matt tells the story of a business owner who was inspired to reach out to the CEO of a global business they had never met. This keynote explores how you can build a constant stream of new business without having to ‘network’ or ‘sell’ by building your relational ecosystem.

Salt And Pepper

Matt tells the story of meeting a business entrepreneur from a different culture and what they learned about their own prejudices when they introduced each other to each others worlds. This keynote explores how human relationships are the most powerful strategy for overcoming prejudice and strengthening diversity and inclusion.

The True Currency Of Business

Matt tells the shocking story of someone who would have treated him differently had they ‘known who he was’ and how that led him to advocate that we stop networking and start relationships. This keynote explores the power and practicalities of building authentic long-term high trust relationships.

Building Profitable Relationships

Matt tells the remarkable story of a town who had notably high levels of good health and the secrets that were uncovered. This keynote explores the benefits of building quality relationships for our workplace and wellbeing.

Matt’s charismatic enthusiasm and frameworks for deepening client relationships resonated well with us and received positive feedback from Advisers across our business. Thank you



Matt has a remarkable combination of warmth, humour and authority. His audiences absorb & internalise his valuable content while having a great time.



Matt was chosen to be the keynote speaker at our leadership conference based on the quality & depth of his message on relationships.



Matt knows the dynamic of human relationships. Witnessing his message live inspires all in the room.



Matt knows how to grab an audience at the outset and keep people listening. I can guarantee that everyone will learn something new and useful.



Thank you for your keynote speech – it was like you knew us inside out!


An Online Keynote Speaker

Matt is a seasoned keynote speaker whose  experience, research and passion always hits the target.

He live streams and films speeches every week so has the extensive experience of delivering online to a high quality.

Matt is a highly experienced online MC, host and panel chair as well as thriving in Q&A environments.

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Matt is a great communicator. If you are looking to galvanise a group or team then Matt is your man!


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