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A transformational course delivered directly to your smart phone with videos, infographics, reflections, cases studies and application presented by Matt Bird.


The Relationology Academy’s foundational course ‘SuperPowers’ enables you to develop extraordinary ability in building effective business relationships…

Superpower 1: Making people feel special...
How other people experience you, whether first impressions, executive presence or leadership influence, is pivotal to your impact.

Superpower 2: Keeping in contact with everyone…
Maintaining contact with everyone you know gets harder by the year but its critical to your integrity, career development and commercial success.

Superpower 3: Generating new business…
Networking and selling are increasingly perceived as distasteful, so the ability to generate new business opportunities without having to network or sell is mission critical.

Superpower 4: Developing relationships with people unlike you…
Diversity and inclusion are not only the right thing to do but they are the smart thing to do, resulting in greater performance and profitability.

Superpower 5: Leading high performance teams…
One size does not fit all, a bespoke leadership and management style is required in order to achieve the greatest engagement and discretionary effort from your team.

Superpower 6: Building networks, forums & communities…
Gathering people in a group for a common purpose can feel like ‘hurding cats’ however with the right approach creates significant added value.

Superpower 7: Differentiating yourself…
A crowded and commoditised marketplace makes the ability to differentiate yourself and establish competitive advantage of ultimate value.

Dates & Times:
The Relational SuperPowers course runs over 7 weeks and starts on the next Monday that follows your order. You will receive videos, infographics, reflections, case studies and application delivered personally by Matt Bird. The emails are delivered to you at a rate of two a week and you can progress through the content at a time that best suits you.

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“The Relational SuperPowers course helped strengthen my relationships and consequently lead to new business opportunities and growth!”

Shelby Blondell, Entrepreneur

"Matt brings a great balance of heart, science and soul and puts you on mission to harness and use Relational SuperPowers in all the right ways"

Daryl Heald, Philanthropist

"The SuperPowers course unlocked the ‘Doer’ in me as opposed to the ‘Thinker’. I moved from thinking of someone to picking up the phone and calling them."

Denise Dje Komenan, Property Development