Relationology Partners

Matt Bird

Matt is the founder of Relationology. As well as encouraging business leaders, Matt has spoken to over 1 million people and has written over a dozen books. He has also coached the CEOs of businesses big and small.

Tommy Stewart

Tommy has been a speaker, business coach and teacher for over 30 years. He has
extensive experience of being a speaker and coach in the public, private and voluntary sector.

S-P O’Mahoney

S-P has spoken across the globe on a range of business and social topics over 20 years. He loves sharing his knowledge and business experience with others. S-P is a non-executive director on several boards.

Richard Beaumont

Richard has been presenting at conferences for 40 years. He spends much of his time mentoring, coaching and empowering those in developing nations as well as business leaders in Australia and New Zealand.

“I am so grateful for Relationology Mastermind. It gave me the courage to set a big goal that I would not have dared to tackle had I not been part of a group with such high accountability and support."

Dr Julia Dubowy
Business CEO

“Matt Bird's blend of high EQ and professional approach makes the Relationology Mastermind very effective indeed! I would consider it a valuable investment at any time, which becomes invaluable in the current context.”

S-P O’Mahony
Business COO

"Joining a Relationology Mastermind hasn’t just changed my business, it has changed me. It has given me the focus, drive and accountability to change my business. I have also established some lifelong working relationships!"

David Blakelock
Agency CEO

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