You really can write a book!


Have you heard the phrase, ‘everyone has a book in them’? Personally, I believe this to be true. Some people I know have numerous books in them.

The day I was told that I had a book in me is one I will never forget. Being dyslexic, I was somewhat taken aback. Since then I have written 15 books and have proven that it really is possible – even if writing isn’t one of your key skills.

I believe that everyone does have a book in them and encouraging people to write books is a passion of mine. My chats over dinner have helped a number of people in my relational ecosystem become authors.

Over the years, I have thought hard about how I could help more people write books. Well, that opportunity arose thanks to the Covid pandemic. With my speaking engagements grounded, I started the Relationology Academy offering courses to help people develop their relationships, goals and skills. One of the courses is Writing My Book.

The first cohort have only two more sessions of the 100-day course remaining before completion. I’m so excited because two out of 10 have already completed their first manuscripts, and most of the others are almost there.

‘It has been a wild journey’

One of those who is within touching distance of completing their first manuscript is Susan Holt. I first spoke to Susan during an interview, as she and her husband, Luke, co-host a radio show in Australia. During the discussion, I challenged her to join the course.

The most remarkable part of Susan’s story is not only writing her first book in the duration of the course, but the change she has personally experienced. I’ll leave her to explain more about her experience…

“I’m in middle of the course and in the middle of my book now. It has been a wild journey."

“I was sceptical at the start, to be honest. I’ve started courses before, particularly on writing, and then never followed through. In my head I was thinking it would be nice and I’d learn new things – but I didn’t think I’d walk away with my book written at the end of it. That had nothing to do with the quality of the course, it was me knowing I’ve not followed through with courses before.”

Susan Holt says being part of the Writing My Book course has also developed her as a person

‘So much gold’

“But things started to turnaround for me in the second week of the course. My feelings changed!"

“Each session is full of so much gold. As I have been learning, the one of the things that has surprised me is the relationships and how much they have helped me progress personally, and not just in my writing. I feel like I’m developing as a person from the relationships being made by the 10 people on the course."

“Week 2 was incredibly powerful for me: I had no idea what I was going to write about, no idea who I was writing to and no idea how I wanted it to impact them. But by the end of that session I had a clear idea. That was through everyone else sharing their journey and experience. I am confident I will be finishing the course with a completed manuscript."

“For anyone saying they can’t write a book, I say you can absolutely can. You just need to surround yourself with people with a common goal to encourage and support you; and you will find that with the Relationology Academy 'Writing My Book' course.”

A humbling moment

My chat with Susan – which will be available to watch in full on Relationology’s YouTube channel soon – was so encouraging and humbling for me. To hear someone describing the changes the course made to their life is powerful. Susan’s comments alone have shown me that launching 'Writing My Book' was the right decision.

• Two new 'Writing My Book' courses start in April in UK and US timezones. Spaces are limited, so if you want a life-changing experience, check out the Relationology Academy today.

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