I learned so much while working towards my goal

Over the past nine months 30 people have graduated from Relationology Masterminds. Each one has their own story about taking part and how it has helped them grow professionally while achieving goals.

The feedback is not only humbling but tremendously encouraging when it is positive, which has been the overwhelming reaction to those who have taken part.

One participant in the last Mastermind is Julian Okoye, who is no stranger to setting goals. But he says that while the 100-days Mastermind helped him achieve 85% of his goal, it was the interaction and support from others that made this goal-setting exercise significant when compared to others.

He says, “For me, whilst my goal was really important, the additional benefits were far greater than what I set out to achieve in the first place. There were three areas where I learned a lot.

“The first is what I learnt about myself – which was hard but interesting – and how I work and what helps me achieve. Then there was learning about other people!

“As part of the programme, you have a ‘hot seat’ and present a particular challenge you are working on. You can also talk about something you are grappling with and present it to the group. Seeking wisdom from the rest of the group was really fascinating.

“The final point of the learning curve was understanding how others see things and what their views were about my challenge. The whole learning process of Mastermind was fascinating, including building each other up, accountability and the rhythm were all extra benefits.”

Why Masterminds work

When setting up Relationology Masterminds, I carried out vigorous research into how to make goals achievable.

One study of many that I read was by psychology professor Dr Gail Matthews. The findings showed that goals were more likely to be achieved when they were written down, broken into steps and then people were held accountable for their goals.

I used these three principles as the foundation of Masterminds and Julian’s reaction confirms that they work. As well as being in touching distance of his extremely ambitious goal (which he says he is close to reaching now), Julian also found meeting others online was a major benefit of being part of a Mastermind.

“What appealed to me in the first place was that I didn’t just want to focus on what I wanted to do but also work with people outside my own natural environment and be able to learn from their experiences and be inspired by them.” he explains

“I found this was the case. I was very surprised by the diversity across the group. Members were from around the world and with lots of different backgrounds professionally. There were people from big businesses, small businesses as well as the third sector. The breadth of experience and thinking was extremely useful indeed and a real benefit.”

Masterminds for early 2021

Tomorrow, a new 100-day Mastermind takes place with me, and to take part you will need to book today as there is only one place left. As well as meeting new people, you will be personally coached by me.

There are also Masterminds taking place in Australia and the USA next month, so please message for more information.

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