Relationships, success and SuperPowers

“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get on with people,” said Theodore Roosevelt.

As the youngest ever American President, it is fair to say he grasped the concept of success and relationships early. No matter what business success looks like to you, the largest contributing factor to your achievement is your relational ecosystem.

Creating your relational ecosystem means you must be intentional or you will miss opportunities to put down roots and grow. This requires patience and time — but get the key ingredients right, and you will have created a perennial relational ecosystem. Like any ecosystem, of course, nurturing is necessary to prevent it from withering.

I was reminded of these thoughts, which are included in my book Grow Your Business, last week when I concluded the second session of the new Relationology Relational SuperPowers course. I will outline the seven SuperPowers later.

The course forms an integral part of the Relationology Academy, which I introduced last week. After having discussions with the inaugural groups, Roosevelt’s comments came to mind.

Relationships and success

As the former President said, getting on with people is the key ingredient to success. What it looks like differs from person to person, but at the root of success is a deep sense of well-being.

Whether it is more funds in your bank account or a growing business, the relationships you build will not only shape your success but your sense of well-being.

That may seem a bold statement, but it is backed up by science. According to a Harvard study, the more time you spend with people, the happier you are. This conclusion followed 75 years of collecting data.

Robert Waldinger, Professor of Psychology and Director of the centre behind the research, says, “Close relationships can make or break a person’s well-being.”

In a Ted talk about the study, he adds, “Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period!” His statement is a profound one in the wake of coronavirus restrictions.

Starting a relational ecosystem that helps you to keep in contact with everyone opens up the opportunity of a deep sense of well-being, which is the subject we covered at last week’s SuperPowers session.

When I consider the people within my ecosystem, those who intentionally tend to their relationships appear to be happiest.

One financial planner I know has a sizeable relational ecosystem that has led him to success in a short space of time after moving from the hospitality industry. While his income may have increased, he would be the first to agree that it is in working on relationships that gives him complete happiness.

This would confirm my belief that the true currency of business is relationships, not money.

Relational SuperPowers

It is clear, therefore, that investing energy in building your relationships will lead to success in business. I am regularly asked about building effective business relationships. During the lockdown, several followers on LinkedIn posed questions to me.

The input from those people, and members of the original Relationology Mastermind Groups, led me to the conclusion that it would be easier to share the answers via a comprehensive course. After spending several months in preparation, the Relational SuperPowers course began this month. The SuperPowers are:

I am thrilled that I will be able to share my experience and insights to help people build their relational ecosystems. I am aware that not everyone can clear their schedules for fortnightly meetings, so the SuperPowers course will be available later in the year online for distance learning.

Helping business people improve their well-being by building effective relationships is a privilege. Setting aside time to work on building intentional relationships is a fundamental part of building a more content life, which the Harvard study has shown.

I’ll leave the final comment to Professor Waldinger: “The good life is built with good relationships!”

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