Relationships help you achieve goals


It is amazing what can be achieved when you set a goal and are held accountable to reach it. Personally, it’s almost a year since I set a goal to run courses that help others achieve their personal and business objectives.

When the first UK lockdown started, I had to quickly adapt from rushing to and from airports to being home-based. I am amazed by the goals I have achieved.

I don’t want to pretend that I could have achieved them through my own endeavours. The growth of Relationology International in the past year has been thanks to the many amazing relationships I have developed over the years.

As a result, my connections have held me accountable and driven me to achieve. Relationology is reaching more people than I could have imagined a year ago when the world started to lockdown.

A total of 49 people have taken part in Masterminds in 12 months – and more people are booked onto experience these great courses.

The 100-day programmes help you achieve specific goals, and they also help you build new and exciting relationships with people who will support you.

New Partners

One of the ways Relationology is helping more people is thanks to new partners. There are now four of us who are ready to help coach and guide you to achieve your goals.

As they are from different places across the globe, you can be assured you’ll find a timezone that works for you!

What is so encouraging is that all of these partners have experienced Masterminds themselves. And they have all achieved amazing goals

New Author

One of those partners is Richard Beaumont, and last month he started to host his first ever Mastermind. I’ll let him explain how it is going.

Richard says, “We have a real mixture of people: a not-for-profit lawyer, a barrister, start-up business owner, a fund manager and some amazing high quality people from different walks of life. The Mastermind brings them together and anchors them as they try to set their goals together.

“We don’t set the goal in the first meeting, but once we hear what people want to do we help them by drilling down to make the goal achievable. We use SMAART goals: Specific, Measurable, Aspirational & Achievable, Relational & Timed.

“The guy who is a start-up is setting up a leather business. He told me he was blown away with people on the call. He said to me, ‘Where else will you find such an amazing group of people who will speak into your business and your life and have a chance to build a meaningful relationship with?’

“I have spoken to 3 people and they have all said it has been a privilege to be on a course with such a high quality group of people. One of those added, ‘I value wisdom in the room and for them to speak into my life and address those goals is amazing.’

“What is exciting is that was after the very first session! I’m looking forward to the rest of the 100-day programme.”

Relationology International Partner Richard Beaumont is in the middle of leading his first Mastermind

Setting Goals

I was delighted to hear that feedback from Richard. It shows that the Masterminds work in any situation. I am equally thrilled about what they help people achieve.

With four partners, we can reach so many more people. It doesn’t matter whether your goal is business or personal, a Mastermind can help in 100 days. The success rate is already 91%!

Richard set what he thought would be a very ambitious but difficult goal: to publish his first ever book in 100 days! He achieved it and his book, REALationships is available now. He credits his achievement to the support and accountability of the Mastermind he was a part of.

I am looking forward to introducing our new partners over the coming weeks. No matter where you live in the world, you can take part in a Mastermind.

What is your goal? I’d love to hear about them? Add a comment below, contact me via the website or email me:

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