Meeting People Around the World Was Brilliant

What is your name?

Niky Dix

What is your business/organisation and what is your position?

My organisation is Intentional Health. It is a small charity organisation and I am CEO. I see this as a Chief Encouragement Officer as much as a Chief Executive Officer! 

Why did you join a Relationology Mastermind Group?

I fully appreciate and champion the role of support and accountability in anything you do. I think of this kind of support like scaffolding: having someone outside of me who can help encourage me in the tougher moments, and also celebrate the successes. I knew the goal I had set our organisation was a stretch goal and would be challenging, so wanted to make sure I set myself and our organisation up as best possible to achieve the goal. 

How successful was your Mastermind Group?

I was able to meet my stretch goal, so that’s a great definition of success! But meeting regularly with a group of amazing leaders from around the world was brilliant. They were amazing people. There’s nothing like meeting with a group of people from the other side of the world to remind you that you are still small even though I had a big goal! 

Did it meet your expectations?

I didn’t really know what to expect! The people I connected with were amazing. I wasn’t expecting to meet people from the other side of the world, so that definitely exceeded my expectations! They all brought something unique, which was great.

What did you gain from it personally and professionally?

Obviously achieving my business goal but I also met some fantastic people with brilliant projects that were complimentary to my own. I was also personally challenged to consider my own story again, and was able to gain insights I’ve not previously noticed, including how they might impact my business too. It was great to bounce ideas and hear other people’s perspective on things.

What would you say to someone considering joining a Relationology Mastermind Group?

If you have set an important goal you want to reach, and want to set yourself up for success, then a group like this will help stretch and encourage you to stay on track!

Are you looking forward to the next Relationology step, SuperPowers?

Yes, I am, especially exploring some of the practical application, and the other potential relationships of the incredible people who may be in the cohort! 

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