'Being accountable helped me reached my goal'

Claudine Reid is a remarkable woman. For the past 25 years the business psychologist has led a social enterprise called PJs Community Service, which provides care services for vulnerable adults and children.

She has also been voted one of Britain’s Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs by Real Business magazine, worked as a government adviser in various roles and is an inspirational speaker and trainer. Claudine’s work in social enterprise even led her to being awarded an MBE.

But even someone as driven as Claudine has days when finding motivation is difficult and she struggles to reach certain goals. It’s why she joined me and a group of others on a Relationology Mastermind

She says, “I’m a bit of driver, I am focused and if I make up my mind to do something I put it on my ‘to do’ list and schedule it in calendar. But my pain point is that there are times when I feel sluggish. At these times I can be lethargic and while I know I need to achieve a particular goal, I drag my feet about it.”

Reach your goal

Claudine joined a Relationology Mastermind with a specific goal in mind: to finish the manuscript of her first book. And even though there were occasions when she felt sluggish, the support of her peers in her group drove her to reach her goal.

“I know that accountability works for me,” she explains. “Knowing I had to turn up to the group and report progress every two weeks kept me focused, even though there were weeks when things didn’t go as planned.

“But even in those moments, when I didn’t make the achievement or didn’t complete all my Most Important Next Steps, being able to talk through those things was incredibly useful. The support of the group and hearing their feedback on my thoughts, ideas and pain points was very helpful.

“I can be hard on myself and hearing from the others in the group and seeing things from their point of view was constructive. It helped stop me being so hard on myself and they would tell me it was OK to take a breather and take time out to refocus and re-evaluate what I needed to do.”

With 100 days to reach her goal, Claudine was successful and encourages all leaders and business owners to consider a Relationology Mastermind if they have a specific goal.

Great support

She says, “The collective support of Matt and the group and the ability to tap into their thoughts, opinions and perspectives of others concerning your idea was really helpful. The Mastermind was a safe place to share my thoughts, especially when everyone is rooting for you.

“I was able to tap into the others’ experience and expertise and it was almost like having new members on my board of directors. The mix helps you go forward and achieve success. I really enjoyed working with others who have either done what you want to do, or could be your potential client. The mix really helps you go forward in a different way.”

If you want to start 2021 positively by achieving a goal that has so far eluded you, register for a Relationology Mastermind today. Or, if you want to talk to me about how being part of a group can help, please feel free to contact me today.

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