Personal Branding: Who Am I?


I was thumbing through the programme for Advertising Week in central London and a seminar jumped out at me. ‘Brand You’ with the media personality, journalist and broadcaster Janet Street-Porter. Now if there was ever somebody who seems totally comfortable in their own skin its Janet Street-Porter. She knows who she is, warts and all, and is totally happy about it.

The first step in personal branding is to know the answer to the question ‘Who Am I?’

There isn’t a person reading or listening to this blog who couldn’t better know who they are. Personal branding is strengthened as we become more self aware, comfortable in our own skin and more transparent to the outside world.

In search of your personal branding and answering the question ‘Who Am I?’ there are three clusters of questions that I suggest you ask:

  • What have I been given? Who am I innately? What is my personality and temperament? What are my talents or what are the things I do really well without trying?
  • What have I learnt? What have I acquired through life? What are the values I have embraced? What skills and experience that I gained?
  • What have I chosen? What choices have I made? What are my passions? What is my purpose? What worldview have I adopted?

The answer to the question ‘Who Am I?’ is not a singular one it is more like piecing together a jigsaw without the picture. Putting together your personal branding is like putting together an identikit piece by piece and one that becomes clearer over time.

The shoes off self or true self is one without external influences and pressures. The environments and cultures of our home, neighbourhood and workplace influence what aspects of who we are that are drawn out, nurtured or even suppressed. In order to explore our personal branding we must move beyond all that other people wish us to be in order to discover our true self.

Personal Branding Question: Who Am I?

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