Would You Like A New Job Or Life Opportunity?

Are you a little frustrated? Would you like a new opportunity in life? A new job with better pay or another client for your business?

The majority of jobs are never advertised. In fact it is estimated that 2/3 of jobs are never advertised. So if you are looking for a new job through what is advertised you are only seeing the 1/3 of jobs that are left when the other 2/3 of jobs are gone.

The reason being is that the majority of jobs go to people already known by the employer. Let’s face it that most job application processes are more about how well you can present yourself initially on an application letter and CV and then at a face to face interview. They tell you very little about whether a person can do the new job.

So if an employer has the choice between advertising a new job and the risk of not knowing who you might really get and appointing someone they already know, like and trust there is really no choice.

The cost of recruitment processes and the time they take, let alone the risk factors of employing someone who turns out to be no good at the job are simply too high.

It’s exactly the same with other sorts of work opportunities such as winning valuable contracts or security non-executive board positions. People prefer to appoint people they know, like and trust rather than those they don’t.

So how can you make this work to your advantage? Simple… create, maintain and develop your relational ecosystem. We all know people perhaps from our previous employers, those we meet on courses and at conferences, neighbours, family and friends. Get deliberate about nurturing these relationships it’s always best to build relationships before you need them.

Most people are accidental about their relationships so when you start being more intentional you distinguish yourself.

It doesn’t always take much perhaps a before work croissant, mid morning coffee or sandwich lunch. Make time for people simply say, “It would be great to catch up, when can we get together?”. Then get 30minutes in the diary.

I’m not talking about ‘networking’ – no-one likes to be ‘networked’! Nowadays people find ‘networking’ morally grubby and dirty. I’m talking about building genuine relationships with people over the long-term.

If you are looking for a new job begin to mention this to the people in your relational ecosystem, you might be surprised by what comes up. If you are looking to build your client portfolio ask the people in your relational ecosystem who they think you should be talking to at the moment.

So build out your career and your business through the people you already know!

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