How Mastermind ‘hot seat’ boosted my business

  • One aspect of Relationology Masterminds that is proving to be extremely effective is when group members take the ‘hot seat’.  

    It sounds daunting, but it can transform a business through the power of relationships. It was never my intention to experience it for myself; however, a member from the first Mastermind I coached earlier this year had to miss a meeting.

  • As everyone else had already been in the hot seat, the group decided I should take the opportunity. I had no chance to prepare and was a little apprehensive, but it was an incredible experience.

    The hot seat gives you the opportunity to talk about a specific challenge about your business for 10 minutes. Each member of the group then gives their thoughts and advice while the person in the hot seat is on mute.

    Although I had witnessed the positive outcomes from the hot seat, I hadn’t realised just how inspiring it is. It is a challenge but it can really transform your business and helps you see your issue from a different perspective.

    Hot seat challenge

    One member who experienced a positive experience is Dr Julia Dubowy, who believes it’s one of the highlights of Relationology Masterminds.

    She says, “It was absolutely amazing to be in a hot seat. This is an extraordinary opportunity to ask the group the main question you have at the moment; one that you are struggling to solve.

    “What is amazing is there are so many different perspectives in the group and many possible solutions. It gives you such a broad view and I found that to be wonderful. There was a lot of wisdom coming from the group.

    “We all had a goal and mine was a lot bigger than I would normally aim for. But I was courageous and I thought ‘go for it’. The group and Matt helped me find a goal that was achievable but I was also really challenged.”

    Goals to grow

    Julia’s specific hot seat challenge was to figure out when to take on employees as her business begins to grow.

    She says, “There was a lot of very wise advice. One thing I took away was that the business should ‘grow wisely’ and I should find out what I can automate and outsource, first. I was also told to think about partnering before employing.”

    Dr Dubowy, who lives in Mannheim, Germany, set an ambitious goal for the 100-day course. She says, “It was about growing my business and acquiring customers.

    “Me and my business partner came up with a new product in the summer and we thought it was a great product. We didn’t know what the market would think. My goal was to get 8 new customers buying that product because they believe we add value to their business. I achieved 19 in 50 days and then about 80 days in we had 23 new customers.”

    On completing her Mastermind, Julia says she has 31 new clients – a staggering 287% above target!

    It has been a real pleasure to watch Julia and her group transform through building authentic business relationships. As a result, they have all either come close to or reached goals. In Julia’s case, she managed to smash her goal.

    If you want your business to grow or change in 2021 and want the help from a supportive group of business brains, book on to a Mastermind today. They start in mid-January so book now as the spaces are limited.

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