Why I’m looking forward to starting Excelerator


When digital and social media consultant Simon Badman took part in Relationology’s very first Mastermind he hoped it would help him dream again.

After 10 years running his own business, Simon wanted to stir things up as he felt he was becoming too comfortable. As the world entered lockdown, he decided Mastermind would give him a new focus.

The good news is that it did just that! It helped him achieve growth and he also made useful, new connections. He enjoyed it so much that he then took part in Relationology’s first Relational SuperPowers course.

Simon is about to take part in another first: this time our first ever Excelerator! As he embarks on a new chapter of his business life, he believes the one-year coaching programme will push him to further success.

We caught up with Simon to explain more about why his experience with Relationology Academy programmes so far and why he wanted to take part in Excelerator.

Why did you take part in the first Mastermind?

Like most people in life, I have been through different seasons where things have thrusted forward and then tend to plateau. After setting up my business up 10 years ago, and just before the pandemic hit, things plateaued. There was nothing wrong with what was happening but I was operating in a new comfort zone.

When Matt offered me the chance to join the first Mastermind in 2020, I thought it could be good to stir me up and get me to think differently and dream again about my life and career. I hugely benefitted from the experience.

What did you takeaway from Mastermind?

It was good on a number of levels, particularly in the conversations I had with others who attended. We didn’t know each other and were in different parts of the world with different experiences of life and work and business. To have that incredible mix of experience and ideas coming together was invaluable.

As we opened up and shared, it was amazing to listen to the range of ideas people would come up with. Many of the solutions had never crossed my mind, so I enjoyed that. Also, the regularity of it and being being accountable to one another was key.

After it ended, I also took part in the SuperPowers course which helped me think about my relationships and develop them further.

You are about to take part in the new Excelerator course. Why did you sign up?

Ongoing accountability is the main thing. I am aware that I need encouragement and coaching to excel. If I’m not in that community where I can be encouraged and challenged, I will fall back into my comfort zones.

I thoroughly enjoyed the social aspect of the two courses. If I can follow on with the relationships I’ve built within the Relationology team I know it will be a huge benefit for me. Having that time outside of work to talk through issues and problems will be very helpful.

What are your expectations?

I tend to go into these things without any expectations and just see how they develop. Having said, I can’t say that about the Relationology courses because for me they have an incredible track record of pushing me outside my comfort zone. They help me think differently and make sure I am accountable for my growth and goals. I am expecting the same as that but to a higher level from Excelerator. I am looking forward to more challenges, accountability and friendships that will no doubt develop in the courses.

What do think about working directly with all Relationology partners?

I’m looking forward to the one to one aspect. While I’ve built relationships in the previous programs, I think this will be taken to another level. With these one to ones there’s more chance of asking probing questions that you might not share in a group environment.

Have you got a goal in mind before you start?

Where I am at the moment, there are potentially huge changes. I’m just about to step off a cliff, business wise, and embark on a new chapter. What I am looking forward to is having a structure around me of incredibly experienced people with their insights. Having the support around me and an accountability network I am sure the goals will be coming thick and fast!

If you want to move your business to the next level, then find out more about Excelerator here.

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