Introducing the Relationology Alumni


Our founder and CEO Matt Bird introduces the Relationology Alumni

There are always difficult paths to negotiate when you run a business. It’s something I have come to expect after so many years as an entrepreneur.

Some difficulties change the way you work forever, and the pandemic is definitely one of those events. I knew that I would have to adapt and I didn’t panic (most of the time!). Having built some amazing, authentic relationships, I was confident that those in my relational ecosystem could work together for the greater good.

The result has been amazing! Relationology International was a seed I planted a few years ago that had already taken root. But the past 18 months has seen it blossom.

You may have read about new partners joining Relationology, which is thrilling. What is even more exciting for all the partners, however, is the launch of the Alumni!

What is the Relationology Alumni?

Relationology International has, as the name suggests, always been a global organisation. Authentic relationships work no matter where you are in the world. And thanks to video conferencing, it’s a lot easier these days.

Even the first Mastermind was an international event with participants from the UK, Northern Ireland, Romania and South Africa. The second Mastermind fuelled new momentum. The first partner, Richard, was on that Mastermind and, being in Australia, it was clear Relationology International was spreading its wings.

As I write, 128 people have taken part in at least one course or Mastermind. Many have signed up for other Academy programmes.

A clear opportunity has presented itself for us to bring together those who have completed a programme and become part of the Alumni.

In May, the first Alumni meeting took place. It was a chance for those who had taken part in the Academy to meet, most for the first time. We also wanted to encourage further relationship building.

Around 30 people joined and the buzz was exhilarating. From the outset, it was clear something profound was taking place.

The future

Feedback from the first meeting was overwhelmingly positive. We took onboard comments and, as a result, the second meeting will take place in the autumn.

We’re expecting an even more thrilling event because as more people complete Academy programmes, the number of potential participants rises to 128! That is an awesome community!

We, the partners, are now developing plans for the next Alumni meeting. We are also preparing new programmes in response to requests and comments from the original meeting.

Already, we are seeing incredible potential for the Relationology Alumni to become a powerful way to create authentic, global relationships and successful collaborations.

The members will come from a vast range of industries and non-profit organisations, offering a chance to share an even wider assortment of skills.

Remembering the initial Mastermind, it is humbling to see just how Relationology International has transformed so quickly. But it is exciting to witness the result I always dreamed of: an enviable community of great people building lifelong, powerful relationships.

To find out more about Relationology Academy programmes, visit or send us a message.

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