Introducing Relationology’s first international partner

When you first meet someone, do you think WIIFM or WCIC? I ask because it is what goes through the head of my friend Richard Beaumont.

Before you contact me thinking I’ve accidentally dropped something on my keyboard, let me explain. Richard says that whenever he meets someone, the first he thinks is, “What Can I Contribute (WCIC) to them?”

For Richard, wanting to empower someone is key to building successful business relationships. What he advises against when meeting someone for the first time is asking, “What Is In It For Me (WIIFM)?”

It is this principle that makes Richard the perfect person to become Relationology’s first international partner! I am thrilled that Richard is now onboard and ready to help business leaders in Australia, New Zealand and beyond understand the true currency of business: relationships.

I caught up with Richard last week to find out more about him, and how he is using a Relationology Mastermind to set an impressive goal.

Richard, can you tell me a little more about you?

I live in Melbourne, although I was born in New Zealand, I assure people that I am OK despite that! I’m married to Julie and we moved a lot overseas for a non-governmental organisation (NGO). We lived on 2 ocean-going ships, but it wasn’t luxury cruising! We sold educational books, mainly to the developing world, and we also ran events onboard for the public for 15 years.

We are well travelled! We have worked in 85 countries, some multiple times, including Africa, India, Europe, Asia and North America.

Like me, you have worked in not-for-profit, profit and the public sectors. Can you tell us more?

I started in business selling display advertising for a newspaper and after leaving the NGO, I got a gig in the corporate world, which was challenging. I joined a dot com company about 6 months before the tech stocks crashed, which was impeccable timing!

Next, I managed a heating and air conditioning state office for a large Australian manufacturer, ran the dealer network team. Then I did some property development and ran an executive recruiting business for a while.

The foundation in all those things was the capacity to build meaningful relationships.

You’re in the process of experiencing a Relationology Mastermind. How are you finding it?

I am loving it! I find that every couple of weeks I am held accountable for what I am supposed to be doing, which is great. I have met people from across the world, including a lady from Germany and several people from the UK.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I was letting myself in for, but I am so pleased I am part of the Mastermind. It is a chance to build relationships with people I have never met before on the other side of the world  — and during Covid!

It has been amazing to hold yourself accountable to others in your group, but it is a very supportive environment.

I would recommend Mastermind groups without a doubt. It will stretch you into new relationships and is suitable for anyone at any leadership level. In the Mastermind groups, you are an individual and it doesn’t matter what you do or what level you are at, we’re all in it together to achieve goals.

As part of the Mastermind, you set a goal. What is yours?

My goal is to complete a book I started writing early in summer. I set a goal that in 100 days I would have a manuscript tidied up, a cover designed and the inside designed and a hard copy in my hand. We’re about halfway through and with all the ducks lining up, I will reach the goal. Without the Mastermind, I would still just be talking about it! The challenge is as high as the goal you set, and I set one I thought was realistic.

What is your book about?

My book is called ‘Realationships’ and offers tips to engage people and help them with their business relationships. I’ve called it that because many people think relationships are just ‘like’ on Facebook. They are not real relationships they are just a ‘like’.

I also use sailing analogies and talk about when approaching new relationships you should not be thinking WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?)! Whenever I meet people my approach is what I call WCIC, What Can I Contribute? We often both end up benefiting each other, but that should not be the primary motivation.

Are you ready to lead your first Relationology Mastermind?

Yes, I certainly am! The first one gets underway in late January next year on Zoom. I’m passionate about teaching people to make them leaders. There will be people from Australia and New Zealand joining, but anyone interested can join from anywhere across the world!

The Mastermind will enable people to achieve a goal that is meaningful for them supported by a network. They can then apply what they learn across their business, school or not-for-profit organisations.

If you would like to join Richard’s Mastermind group, contact Relationology International today to book your place.

Richard Beaumont is CEO of Entrust Foundation

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