How I achieved two goals in 100 days!


When running a business or non-profit there is always a long list of things to do. As a result, it can be challenging focusing on a single goal.

Indeed, trying to discover a specific goal can be as overwhelming as achieving it. Sharing your thoughts with others to help you hone a goal is extremely effective, which is what Kevin Tan discovered when he took part in a Relationology Mastermind.

Indeed, by the time Kevin reached the end of his 100-day programme, he had achieved not one, but two goals!

Kevin, who is Director and Owner of facilities management company Clean As You Go, in Melbourne, is one of the first participants on the Mastermind run by Australian partner Richard Beaumont. And he admits he wasn’t entirely sure of the goals he wanted to achieve at the start.

“I had no idea what was going to happen when I started the Mastermind as it was a referral from a friend who was taking part himself. He said I should join it and it seemed a great idea,” Kevin says.

Hone your goal

“Not being prepared wasn’t the best way to start but that’s how it happened. When we were introduced in the first two sessions I realised it was very goal-orientated. I took about 20-30 days to discover mine.”

After discussing his challenges with the other participants, Kevin set a goal to recruit an area manager to help stabilise his business. As it had taken around 30 days to fully hone it, Kevin was convinced the Mastermind might be completed before his goal was achieved.

However, through the support of the seven other participants and his diligence, a new area manager was hired during the final week of the Mastermind.
Kevin says, “I didn’t think we’d find anyone in 100 days let alone 70! It took me 30 days to discover my goal. It was fantastic.”

Accountability drives you

He believes that being held accountable by the experienced members of the Mastermind were a driving force to help him achieve his goal.

“Having external accountability pushed me faster than if I had done so myself or with my business partner,” Kevin adds.

“As these were very experienced business people at CEO level it helped to have that trust in them. They really knew what they were talking about.”

Personal goal

Kevin, who took over Clean As You Go three years ago, also set a personal goal during his 100-day Mastermind. Originally working in development and aid work, he has been debating for some time about the opportunity to work with a charity.

After posing the question to his fellow Mastermind cohorts, Kevin achieved his second goal and is now making plans for charity work. He says without his Mastermind colleagues he doubts he would have achieved one goal let alone two.

“Setting business goals is business 101. You cannot not do that! Everyone has a goal in mind, but as soon as you speak it in front of others it becomes real. Especially as you have to report back to seven others! That makes you sharper.”

His advice to anyone considering a Relationology Mastermind is: “Prepare a goal and if you take the Most Important Next Steps you will achieve it. I did more quickly than I would have expected.”

If you would like to join Kevin and over 100 others who have successfully completed a Relationology Mastermind, book now or contact us to find out more today.

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