Happy New Year, Happy New Clients!

At the start of a new year many business owners make plans to increase their client base. While this sounds like a fair aspiration, the goal needs to be more focused to give it chance to succeed.

Saying ‘I want more clients’ is extremely vague. Not knowing where to start means you’ll never be able to work out when to finish. Being more specific helps you measure your progress effectively.

For example, if you have 10 clients now, do you really need 10 more? Maybe you should be thinking about quality rather than quantity.

During Relationology Masterminds, participants set goals and many of them start out sounding vague. It’s only when they begin to talk about their ambition with the others on the Mastermind that they hone in on an achievable goal.

Rather than being vague, it’s better to set a goal along the lines of: “In 2022, I want to increase my client base by 15% with clients who are proactive and pay within 14 days!”

By making the goal specific, it helps you better identify those who rarely return your calls or delay payments for as long as possible. The result is that you have a more enjoyable experience working with those clients – and they enjoy and value working with you. They are also more likely to pay you on time because of their experience.

If wanting more engaging or better-paying clients is your goal, here are three ways that can help!

Know your business, value and worth

How well do you know your business or organisation? One of the best ways to work that out is by doing a SWOT analysis. This acronym stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It helps you understand what you’re good at, bad at, where there is a possibility for growth and what could threaten your organisation’s existence. This simple list will help your business understand its:

• Mission and vision
• Goals and objectives
• Products and services
• Marketing strategies
• Competition

Once you know that, you can focus on the services and products that will increase the value of your organisation.

Build relationships

As you probably already know, we're a big advocate of authentic relationships. As you increase the number of people within your relational ecosystem, more people talk about you and the services you or your organisation provides.

If your relationships are authentic, then people come to know, like and trust you. Make sure you keep in touch with those within your ecosystem, especially people you don’t usually need to speak to regularly. Sending a message on their birthday and on other important occasions reminds them of your existence without you needing to contact them when you need help.

We know a number of people who have taken part in Masterminds that have built authentic relationships and are now working with each other and growing their organisations together. This happened organically and without the ‘hard sell’ of networking!

Client clear-out

This is a rather radical idea for anyone in business! Are there clients who either haggled your prices down in the early days or waste a lot of your time? Even if a client pays on time, do you really want to continue working with someone who isn’t paying enough?

In the early days of setting up an organisation, many business owners decide to keep prices low as they want to step on the first rung of the ladder. But the decision often returns to bite them and they end up being underpaid.

If you do not value your services correctly, then you will attract clients who don’t value your services. So, it’s time to review your clients and free up your time to find more valuable organisations to work with.

By setting a goal, knowing the value and worth of your organisation and through building authentic relationships, you will be more confident of making this final step.

If you would like to be part of a Relationology Mastermind that will help you achieve client goals in 100 days, then our next programmes start soon. Find out more on our Mastermind page.

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