The Fastest, Simplest And Easiest Way To Get Anything Done

Have you ever struggled to get something done in your own organisation or in another organisation?

For a not-for-profit venture I was pioneering, I remember recruiting a robust board of trustees, registering with the charity commission and raising initial funding of £250,000. All I needed was a bank account which I thought was going to be the easy bit.

The bank had been ‘processing’ the application for 4 months and Christmas was nearly upon us. Someone I knew well worked at the bank and so I joked with them that ‘all I wanted for Christmas…’ was a bank account. We laughed about it and they offered to look into it for me… Within 24 hours we had a bank account number and became financially operational.

The lesson I learnt was that trusting relationships speed up getting things done. That is even, or especially true, in environments where there is significant due process, regulation or bureaucracy.

Recently I was giving a motivational keynote speech at a business conference in Germany. The title of my address was ‘High-Trust Relationships Grow High-Performance Leaders, Teams and Business’. No matter how impressive an organisations systems and procedures, the fastest, simplest and easiest way to get anything done is through trusting relationships.

I was meeting with the partner affairs team of a large London accountancy firm to discuss a challenge they were facing. A number of partners who were recruited from the marketplace, rather than developed within the firm, were leaving after twelve months often with work related stress.

Whilst these partners brought incredible market experience, insights and connections into the firm, what they struggled with most was getting anything done inside the business. Without a relational ecosystem within the business they were unable to put effective project teams together, to cross sell across lines of service and much much more.

Trusting relationships have a massive impact on a leaders performance and ability to execute even the best written plans and to operate within state of the art systems. If you want to increase your own performance or that of your team or business invest in building trusting relationships. They are the fastest, simplest and easiest way to get anything done.

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