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Matt Bird introduces the Relationology Writing My Book course

Being in remedial class in English, I didn’t think I’d ever be a published author. But I am currently working on my 16th book and, what is even more astounding, is I have helped and am helping 20 people write their first one.

Through Relationology’s Writing My Book course, I am thrilled to be helping steer budding authors. If I am honest, it is now more exciting watching each person develop their skills and take their steps to writing their books, than doing my own books.

The first person to publish their book is Tommy Stewart. I’ve spoken to him about his experience.

Why did you decide to take part in the Writing My Book Course?

I’ve had a desire to write a book for many years and felt I had something I wanted to say in a book. But I always put it off because I didn’t know if I could do it or had the capability to do so. I didn’t have a concept about how to publish a book and I had were many mental barriers. So, when I saw the Writing My Book course, I thought this could be my gateway to writing my book.

Did you expect to have a book written in 100 days?

I knew that if I put my mind to it I could, but I really need to be held accountable. Knowing how Relationology course operates, I new that one of the strengths of its courses is that I would be held accountable. At the start I still had nagging doubts in my mind that I could achieve it. But I knew the course would offer the structure to help me keep focused.

How did the course work in practice?

Each session provides you with different tools to help you determine why you’re writing the book and what your motivation is. It also showed me how to structure the book and bring it together and ‘make the cake’ as it was called on the course. Each time we did a collective session, it was good to feel you were progressing about how to write and also publish your book. That gives reassurance and confidence that you are on the right path. It also gives you motivation to continue with the writing process. It gave me the discipline that I could write one chapter a week. I began to get the tools about the length of a chapter and structure it. The course removed any doubts or insecurities about the writing process and in the end I found it quite easy, thanks to the course.

Did you find the way the course is structured helpful?

I find the way Matt has developed a tried and tested method is unique. He’s one of the few people who can publish many books in a year. He is not from a writing background, so I was encouraged by that. I only scraped through my English language o-level and that was only because I took extra lessons, so I had no confidence in writing. But here I am, a published author and with a second and third book in mind! Writing My Book gives you the confidence to do what you think you can’t do.

What was the support like from others in the group?

You very quickly become connected with everyone on the course. That happens through sharing and relationship building in each session and also through a WhatsApp group. Even though the course has long since finished, we are still cheering each other and helping people reach the goal of writing a book. It becomes a peer support group that is encouraging and empowering each other. As each person is published, it gives encouragement to others including those in the current sessions.

How does it feel to be a published author?

When you have aspired to be an author for so many years there is a feeling of elation when you hold that book in your hand or see it on Amazon! It’s a very strange feeling for a first time author, but it’s a delight to be in this position and to know the story I want to tell is recorded forever. The Northern Ireland public records office has received a copy to place in the main library in Belfast. So I know my book will remain long after I’m gone. If you want to leave a legacy of the stories or the message you believe in, then get it in writing.

How did you find the publishing process?

I signed up to Matt’s publishing service. One of my biggest mental blockages was the issue of publishing, including editing, graphic design, proofreading, typesetting, uploading to Kindle and how it would be available worldwide. I had no experience, but by signing up to the Writing My Book course and through Matt’s publishing company all that was taken care of for me. There was a cost, but it’s worth doing because it’s a small cost in reality. It’s worth paying because it creates a global platform for your book without you worrying about the publication process. Don’t try it yourself, bring in the experts.

What would you say to anyone considering the course?

It will inspire you to believe in yourself! Most people who sign up to Writing My Book have a degree of doubt in themselves and their abilities. Once you start getting positive reviews saying that people can’t put it down it transforms how you think. It will also inspire you to write another book!

If you would like to join the next Writing My Book course, starting in September, book your place soon as numbers are limited. It is popular so we have two groups available. Click on the links to find out more details about Group 1 and Group 2!

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