The inspiration is so powerful!

Fashion stylist and well-being coach Denise Johnson-Hall once thought Relationology Masterminds were not for her. But needing to make the next step to reshape her business, she decided the time was right to take part.

I’m delighted that Denise decided to join us. And, it’s fair to say, I think she is equally delighted. I spoke to her about her experiences with her group and her goal, which she believes she will achieve before the Mastermind finishes.

How did you become part of a Mastermind?

I had heard about and I thought it was wasn’t for me. Then I was in a workshop with Matt and he spoke about several topics, and it was relevant where I was at the time. I realised to move to the next steps in my business I needed the tools. That’s when I felt the Mastermind would help me take it to the next level.

What is your group like?

I’m part of a phenomenal group. I couldn’t believe I was in a group with such esteemed people! There is a wide mix, including doctors and engineers, and they are from the UK and other countries. It has been challenging, but amazing.

What did you learn from your Mastermind?

The people behind the titles are amazing! They are warm, inviting, inspiring and funny. They open your mind to different perspectives of how to approach different aspects of your business. You draw from their expertise and experience, and it is phenomenal. If it wasn’t for being on this Mastermind I would never have connected with so many amazing people.

The Mastermind is geared towards reaching a goal. What was your goal?

I work in two industries: I’m a fashion stylist and I’m also a well-being coach. I help people with rehabilitation of injuries, flexibility and mobility using pilates as well as conventional exercises. I also offer strength conditioning and weight loss. I wanted to fuse the two together to form a brand to help people in their well being. I wanted to put a platform together for people to use my services.

How did group member help?

They help me create a new brand name for my business. I want to thank each and everyone of them for helping me.

You also set MINS every fortnight. How were they?

The MINS, or Most Important Next Steps, are amazingly helpful. I struggled at the start because I’ve always pushed my goals back because I have never had anyone to be accountable to. In the Mastermind you have to deliver! You cannot use an excuse as everyone had as much of a heavy workload, but are still fulfilling their next steps. I find always strive to achieve my MINS due to the high level of accountability. No-one tells you off but you feel you let yourself and the group down if you don’t try to achieve them.

Your Mastermind hasn’t finished yet. Will you achieve goal?

I am 100% going to finish my goal! We are over halfway and I am definitely over halfway towards my goal. There is nothing that will stop me from achieving it. I have set December 2nd as finishing my goal and having my business platform ready to launch. And I believe most people in my group will reach their goals because the inspiration is so infectious and powerful.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining Mastermind?

It will open doors and opportunities to meet amazing people. It will challenge you in a way you will never be challenged anywhere else, business-wise. It will allow you to connect with people that money cannot buy. You will grow relationships with these individuals, and even after Mastermind is over you will still be able connect to and tap into them. That is valuable way beyond the amount of money I paid for the Mastermind.

The connection we all have made is not just for a course, it’s for the long haul. What is nice is all the people in the group have different personalities. If we were in outside world, we probably wouldn’t cross paths because our backgrounds and personalties are so different.

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