You Need to Grab This Unbelievable Opportunity

What is your name?

Matt Boulton

What is your business/organisation and your position?

I’m the Community Development Coordinator for Hope Centre Services in Logan, Australia. I’m also the author and director of the Circuit Breaker programme for the early prevention of domestic violence.

Why did you join a Relationology Mastermind Group?

I joined the Relationology Mastermind Group after reading Matt Bird’s book Relationology. I could see that being able to sit under a mentor like Matt would help me to focus greater attention and discipline upon developing the people skills that leaders must develop to be successful.

How successful was your Mastermind Group?

Our Mastermind Group was a great success. It helped me to reach several important targets for my Circuit Breaker programme over the 8 weeks and beyond?

What did you gain from it personally and professionally?

My involvement in the Relationology Mastermind Group has set me up with skills, disciplines and processes for continuing to reach forward and kick goals, both in my area of work and in the important relationships critical to my success.

What would you say to someone considering joining a Relationology Mastermind Group?

I would like to commend the Relationology Mastermind Group to anyone who is serious about making their life count. The group will place you alongside peers from around the world with a similar passion and purpose. Building on mentor Matt Bird’s wisdom and guidance, the group’s feedback, encouragement and energy will help sharpen your vision and unpack the practical steps necessary to make it a reality. You need to grab this unbelievable opportunity with both hands!

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