Be teachable if you want to grow and develop


“When you stop learning you stop growing!” That comment by the great physicist Albert Einstein is, like many of his thoughts, incredibly insightful!

To achieve in life, being ready to learn is central to your success. Whether that’s learning from mistakes or understanding new skills, learning is essential to continuous development.

As well as learning ‘as you go’ it is essential to invest in personal coaching to grow and develop more effectively. The best entrepreneurs never stop learning and invest time and money into programmes that teach new skills.

Indeed, billionaire investor Warren Buffet once famously said, “There’s one investment that supersedes all others; invest in yourself. Nobody can take away what you’ve got in yourself and everybody has potential they haven’t yet used.”

Your potential will often lie hidden for years unless you know how to unlock it. And being able to access mentors who have vast experience is the key.

So, why is learning so important to your growth and development?

Your brain’s a muscle

The brain is a very complex organ that is also a muscle. And like any muscle, if you don’t use it, it will simply fail to work properly. If you don’t lift weights, the chances are your biceps and triceps will not be developed. So when it comes to moving furniture at home, for example, you may struggle to lift items that you had no problem with when you were younger.

To increase your chances of success and growth, developing a habit of exercising your brain is as important as daily, physical exercise.

Adapt to change

Nothing ever stays the same! The past two years have certainly taught us that we have to expect the unexpected. And what the pandemic has highlighted is that if you or your organisation cannot adapt to change you could be left behind.

Adaptability is a crucial tool for entrepreneurs and staying teachable is important if you are to expand your knowledge.

Be teachable

One of the most difficult people I ever had to work with was a managing director who should have beyond pensionable age. He didn’t adapt to change and he wasn’t teachable. The result was that he wasn’t a success and, sadly, his organisation suffered.

Not being teachable was a major stumbling block. He believed he already had all the answers! As a result, the organisation struggled because its leader refused to learn and not only did he stop growing, his business did, too.

Excelerator programme

Giving entrepreneurs the tools to unlock their potential is one of the reasons why we developed the Relationology Excelerator programme. Many of our alumni who achieved short-term goals through Masterminds recognised they also wanted to reach long-term goals. Some also wanted to continue learning to grow and develop their business with support from Relationology International

The one-year programmes begins next month and participants will learn a range of new skills, including leading people, increasing personal effectiveness and high performance goal setting.

Teaching these skills over the course of the year will be four leaders from around the world, who will personally coach each person. For more details, contact us.

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