How an astonishing story inspired a book

Over the past decade or so, I’ve listened intently to the astonishing and inspiring story of a man I have gotten to know very well. In his early years, his life was one of violent crime and addiction to heroin.

Thankfully, around 25 years ago, Paul Lloyd’s life changed, and he has since gone on to set up an organisation that helps people in similar situations. He also became an inspirational speaker who uses his experience to give hope to those caught in a cycle of crime, gangs and addiction.

Even those few paragraphs are enough to make most people want to know more about the story of Paul Lloyd. The experiences and thoughts of such a remarkable man would no doubt be a fantastic read if it were a book.

Well, at the end of November 2020, his story will indeed become a book – and it is one he never thought he’d write. As someone who isn’t academic, Paul firmly believed that it would be impossible to do.

I’m going to let Paul tell you how his story became a book. But before doing that I want to encourage you that your life story is worth telling, too. It may lack some of the drama, but it is worth telling.

Paul’s story

“I have always wanted to write a book, but not being academic always thought that was an impossible dream. Also, I didn’t know what to do and what to hone in on or how to do it.

“Then one day, me and my wife met Matt Bird for dinner, and after chatting, he said, ‘You’ve got a book in you!’ He asked what would it be and would the title be. I just came out with, ‘Leading Broken People’. We both stopped and looked at each other, and that was it — it just went from there.

“In the beginning, I kept thinking about how I couldn’t write a book. I had never done it before, but Matt encouraged me. He told me that he had written many books despite being dyslexic. Matt said he’d send a template outlining the way he writes books. It was a step by step guide, and I put it into practice.

“Matt would contact me to encourage me, which was very helpful. I was in the middle of a masters degree, too, but he kept encouraging me to keep going. It has taken about a year, but it will be available from the end of October.

“As well as telling my story, I wanted it to help others in similar situations. So it looks at this from a unique perspective.

“It feels exciting and scary to think I am now an author and the book is going on sale. But people seem interested, and I already have pre-sale orders.”

Writing My Book course

After helping a few people to write a book, there have been several requests from people asking about whether there is a course. There have been so many, Relationology International’s Academy is launching its first Writing My Book course in January.

Using the same seven steps as Paul used, the course will teach you how to prepare and publish your book.

Not only will you write an inspiring book, but it will also become your best business card ever.

Author Honoree Corder, who wrote You Must Write a Book says that people won’t consider you as an expert in your field until you have a book.

She says, “Being an author elevates you to a higher level, no matter how successful you are.”

Corder says that as soon as you’re published, your professional ‘value’ increases and people will start seeking you out for your expertise.

Furthermore, she points out that, “A book, unlike a business card or brochure, is something people will keep and even pass on to others.”

I firmly echo those views! Becoming an author will help you build relationships with people that you previously thought were out of your reach.

If you believe you have a story to tell, then can I encourage you to take part in the course?

I’ll leave the final words to Paul: “The advice and experience that Matt passes on are incredibly useful. I would recommend the way he does things as it is attainable and actionable. If it worked for me, then it can work for anyone.”

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