3 ways accountability helps your business

An old friend of mine rang me excitedly to say she was going to set up her own business because she wanted to be her own boss. After 20 years at the same financial institution, her dream was to no longer be accountable to management!

During this chat, I politely drew her attention to the fact that being unaccountable might actually reduce her ability for success as she would simply be carried by the tide.

If your idea of running a business is to be accountable to no-one it could be to the detriment of your enterprise. You will always be held accountable, even as your own boss.

Clients and customers require you to deliver your goods or service, of course. But what about accountability for your day to day actions? Without that you may simply bump along the bottom rather than reach for the skies.

There are many reasons why accountability is important to your business. Let me share the three I think matter most.

1. Reaching goals

Having a target to aim for is essential to achieve growth. But how do you measure those goals?

For the past year, I have had the pleasure of watching leaders in business and non-profits achieve goals through Relationology Masterminds. Over the course of 100 days, participants are encouraged by others to reach their goals.

Knowing that others are investing in them and holding them accountable has been transformative. It has become the driving force for almost all participants, and some have not only achieved their goals, they have exceeded them.

2. Sharing the load

Accountability is all about being responsible to someone else.

If your plans for your enterprise are derailed at any point, having someone to report back to can be a massive help. During Masterminds, I have witnessed participants who feel like they’ve hit a wall eventually exceed expectations because they no longer felt alone. Having a sounding board encouraged them.

Running an enterprise of any size can be lonely. Even with employees, you may feel isolated as you prefer not to share any concerns for fear of worrying those who work for you.

Being accountable to someone outside your business can be liberating. You won’t only feel more eager to impress, those holding you accountable will be able to share their experience and knowledge with you. And with that extra support, you can achieve so much more.

3. Transforming relationships

Asking someone to hold you accountable can help you build authentic relationships. As I always say, relationships are the true currency of life and business, not money. And that is because they are priceless!

During Masterminds, I have been thrilled to watch relationships grow. One participant has seen their business thrive through the relationships they formed.

Growing your business should not necessarily be the goal. But once you are held accountable by someone, you can’t help but build trust. As a result, the relationship will grow and deepen over time.

So, if you are missing targets or goals and wondering how to meet them, then being held accountable will not only help you, it has the power to transform in unexpected ways.

If you need help with a business or personal goal, why not join me on a 100-day Relationology Mastermind, which starts next Thursday?

I’d love to help you achieve your goals. And I know the other participants will be just as eager to give you the encouragement you’re looking for.

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