A year of tremendous growth


Ten years ago, I had an idea to teach leaders of businesses and non-profits how developing authentic relationships is key to the success of their organisations.

The concept grew from a discussion I had about my dislike of ‘networking’. After explaining that I believed relationships were more important than distributing business cards, I was invited to deliver a talk about my thoughts.

From that speech, an idea began to take seed and in September 2010, Relationology was founded. The past decade has indeed been an exhilarating journey.

Around 16 months ago, the journey resembled a rollercoaster, which I’m sure you will also have experienced.

Excitingly, as I look back on the past year I have watched Relationology climb to greater heights than I imagined – especially when taking a pandemic into account.


When I first decided to adapt Relationology so it could work without face to face meetings and delivering talks in person, I never expected it to fuel such growth.

The focus of Masterminds is helping people achieve goals. Using the knowledge of a Relationology coach, participants share their goal and they are steered by both the coach and others from their Mastermind cohort. Using a wide range of expertise, abilities and experience among the participants it not only achieves goals, it also opens opportunities through building new relationships.

A year ago, I was preparing for my summer break knowing that the first ever Mastermind had successfully helped five people achieve their goals. During thoughts of my holiday this summer, I know that 57 people have taken part in Masterminds around the world! I never expected that kind of achievement when I sat in front of my computer 16 months ago to deliver the first Mastermind!


The delivery of Relationology programmes have been achievable thanks to the organisation’s partners. Again, I didn’t set out with recruitment of partners in mind when responding to the pandemic in March 2020.

But it is such a thrill to reflect on welcoming three partners in the past year. This means Relationology can deliver programmes around the globe, regardless of time zones. Richard was first to be welcomed on board, and he leads programmes in Australasia. S-P delivers Relationology Masterminds in Central and Eastern Europe and Tommy will be helping people from Ireland and the UK reach their goals.

I continue to lead Masterminds, Writing My Book and other programmes and am already excited about the next ‘term’, which starts in September for me.


Building authentic relationships with partners is inspiring but what is thoroughly exhilarating is doing so with Relationology graduates. Almost 120 people have taken part in one or more programmes, which is both humbling and astonishing.

Within one year, Relationology has developed a wide range of relationships. Rather than miss the opportunity to help build these relationships further, graduates from our programmes are now automatically enrolled into our Alumni.

Again, this idea developed during the past year, and I am excited about the possibilities for all our Alumni members. In September, the second worldwide meeting will take place, offering every graduate the chance to meet new people, which will sow the seeds of authentic relationships. A number of graduates are already collaborating and I sense that it is just the start of opportunities for growth thanks to the Alumni.


The first Relationology programme was Mastermind, where goals are set and achieved within 100 days. It may sound ambitious but with a success rate of 92%, Masterminds are helping stimulate real growth and achievement among our graduates.

But many participants have asked us to help them develop bigger goals. Whether it is rebranding, optimising their relationships to win new business or creating new opportunities, the Excelerator programme has been designed for those needing help with bigger plans.

Over 12 months, Relationology Coaches offer one-to-one coaching opportunities built around specific needs, wants and aspirations.

It blends the personal experiences of the designated coach with well considered methods and approaches that will develop their effectiveness through the life-enhancing power of excellent relationships.

The first participants will embark on a year of accelerating their business and personal goals and ambitions from September. I’m extremely enthusiastic about what we will achieve together.

The success of Relationology programmes have proved the power of authentic relationships.

I can’t wait to start my next ‘term’ with new participants – whether that’s to Masterminds, Writing My Book or Excelerator programmes – and being in the privileged position of helping them achieve success.

And I know Relationology Partners are also thrilled about the opportunity to welcome and help new and existing participants. Find out more about Academy Programmes.

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