5 reasons to write a business book


A comment often made when people share a good story about their lives is: “You could write a book about that!” Indeed, author Jodi Picoult once said: “Everyone has a book in them.”

But what about you?

If you have been running a business for any length of time you probably have some great stories to tell. So, yes, you do have a book in you!

People are genuinely interested in books about business. According to Amazon, business and money is the third biggest selling topic of e-books! And it’s seventh in the top ten subjects for printed copies.

You may have considered writing a business book, but decided that simply writing it for your own enjoyment isn’t a good enough reason to do so.

Well, here are 5 reasons why it is worth investing time and resources on writing a book. It could be the start of something new!

1. Share your experiences

Sharing is caring and being frank about your experiences will show you care about your industry or sector, as well as the wider subject of business.

It doesn’t matter what sector you are in or how many competitors you have, the chances are that your experiences are unique to you. And those experiences could help others in similar situations. The lessons learnt are valuable to other business owners, especially those who are starting out. It can help them avoid repeating your mistakes or inspire them to grow their businesses.

There could be funny stories to tell of research and development going wrong or more serious moments when you struggled. Either way, whatever you have learnt you can help others through a book.

Showing the human element behind your business could also change people’s perceptions about your business. And that could, in turn, help create new opportunities for your organisation.

2. It’s better than a business card

When face to face meetings restart fully, the business card will be reintroduced. That means you’ll end up with a pocket full of cards that possibly end up in a bin! Just think about how unmemorable those people are who handed you a card.

Hand someone a copy of your business book, however, and they will not only remember you, they’ll appreciate it as a gift.

And if meetings continue online, then send a copy out. No one is going to bother to post a business card, but a book is worth the postage. Whichever way you do it, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

3. It adds value to your business

Handing a book instead of a business card transforms other people’s perceptions of you. It also adds value to your business because you and your organisation will be perceived as experts in your field.

You will increase the chances of being invited to business meetings to speak, which also raises the profile of your business. As a result, those people who attend will view your organisation in a very different light. Your next ideal client could well be sitting listening to you and buy your book, which could lead to a whole new journey!

4. Gain strategic partners

A survey by Grammar Factory reveals that 74% of entrepreneurs who write a business book say it helped them secure strategic partnerships. A total of 26% say it helped their organisation partner with big brands.

As we mentioned above, the added value and exposure of your business means a business book can open up a whole new world of opportunity.

There is a cost attached to self-publishing but as well as sharing your experience and thoughts, it’s also a good investment. You could spend tens of thousands in advertising and fail to find strategic partners, but having a book to your name will give you the edge when it comes to competitors.

5. Book writing could be a new career move

There are lots of business books, but your particular story and experience could hold the key to helping others. As a result, they will continue to follow your story.

Getting your first book written increases the likelihood of you being invited as a keynote speaker. You may also be given the opportunity to write for business journals and newspapers or magazines. And if demand is high, you may choose to write another book or two.

This whole new career move will not only complement your main business, it will also open more doors and fuel a new chapter in your life.

Are you considering writing a business book? Why not join our next Relationology Writing My Book online course? Matt Bird will share his tried and tested process and after 100 days you could have your manuscript ready for publishing!

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