5 reasons to invite Matt Bird as a keynote speaker


Over the past 30 years, I have enjoyed being a keynote speaker. As well as delivering motivation from a platform, I love meeting new people at conferences and events.

Like everyone last year, however, I had to adapt as those opportunities became virtual! I have since become adept at using video conferencing to deliver keynotes and motivational sessions.

While it wasn’t new to me, it was usual for me to speak at virtual conferences. But I have enjoyed being part of them even though I have missed travelling to and from physical events!

Now the world is slowly starting to lift restrictions, I am looking forward to hybrid working. I am already receiving requests to speak in person at events later this year as well as online.

With new lessons learned – including building new brands and helping connect people across continents in a worldwide lockdown to help their ventures grow – I have lots to share.

Please allow me to offer just 5 reasons why if you’re thinking about hosting an online or physical conference or event over the next year or two.

1. Experience

Over the past 30 years, I have spent much of my working life as a speaker. I know, I don’t look old enough!

With audiences from 40 to 40,000 people, I have been invited to be a keynote for conferences and events around the globe. The reason I keep getting asked is that I don’t just promise to deliver, I deliver!

As well as using my experience, I do my research long before I step onto the platform or switch on my webcam. I was asked to deliver a motivational speech to a big law firm a few years ago. At the end, the CEO caught up with me because he was amazed at my insight into the company.

“It was like you know us inside out,” he said. I don’t just turn up and deliver the same speech regardless of relevance! I will always make my message works with what your conference or event is aiming to achieve.

2. Fresh insight

There is a saying that everyday is a school day! I agree with that and I love to learn. One of the benefits of lockdown has been meeting new people virtually and developing new brands.

While I have spoken to crowds of all sizes over 30 years, my messages are always fresh and seasoned with real life experience. I have experience in sectors both large and small as well as in corporate and non-profit organisations.

The fresh insight I have learnt will help provide positive results for your conference or event.

3. Drive business growth

With my many years of experience in enterprises of all sizes, I delivered motivation that has driven business growth.

One of my clients is a high street bank, where a HR manager who heard me asked me to design a programme to help staff members after a restructure. To help the team build relationships as well as customer relationships, I developed a unique strategy. As a result, the team has delivered growth in the business and I have been booked to deliver the programme again and again.

4. Impactful delivery online or in person

One of the reasons that I have been invited to speak to the same organisations again and again, I have been told, is due to the way I deliver keynotes. It’s rather humbling and I believe it is due to my passion for sharing what I have learnt.

I love to share what I learn, that is why I decided to launch the Relationology Academy when lockdown began. I didn’t want to stop communicating!

Whether you need a keynote or motivational speaker for your online or offline event, I can promise to deliver a speech with impact. I’m also happy to pre-record any messages using my purpose-built home studio.

5. Global perspective

What I love about my work is the opportunity it gives me to travel to other countries. I have delivered keynotes in 40 countries, from South Africa and Australia to one of the world’s largest financial institutions in the USA.

As a result, I have formed a global perspective about issues and developed authentic relationships around the world. This gives me a unique insight into how your organisation fits into international, national or local enterprise.

• If you are planning an event or conference and are looking for a keynote speaker who will deliver motivation, then contact me today either via the website or email mattbird@relationologyinternational.com

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