5 keys to boost your personal effectiveness


Do you have goals and ambitions but find you struggle or fail to achieve them?

Everyone has moments in life when your focus must shift to the here and now. That is to be expected! But if you seem to struggle to achieve goals it could be because you’re not as effective as you could be.

Goals, dreams and ambitions all need working on because they don’t just happen. Entrepreneurs who appear to have a ‘Midas touch’ really don’t – they work hard on their personal effectiveness.

Here are my 5 secrets to increase your personal effectiveness.

1. Build relationships

Anyone who knows me well will be aware of how important I believe relationships are to business and entrepreneurs. The fastest, simplest and easiest way to get anything done is through authentic relationships. I call this your relational ecosystem and more diverse it is the better your innovation, problem solving, strategic thinking and every other aspect of performance you can think of.

If you have a functioning ecosystem, you will always know someone who can help you directly or indirectly. As a result, when you require skills or knowledge that you don’t have you can reach out and find the right person through your relational ecosystem.

2. Outcome orientated

Do you look at your outputs or your outcomes? If you focus on outputs, you’re focusing on nothing more than numbers. Let’s take widgets as an example. (I have never really understood the fascination in the word ‘widgets’ in such examples, but it works as an illustration.) You can always substitute the word widgets to whatever product or service you offer.

If you measure your business only on the numbers you sell, you are focusing on the outputs. The numbers may seem impressive, but your business may not be profitable or missing a trick if you look at outputs alone.

Outcomes look at effectiveness and performance levels, which is usually central to more success. You may sell 1,000 widgets but consider how effective your business would be if it could make more profit from selling 500!

When I coach people around personal effectiveness I often use the Triple A model. If an Appointment goes in your diary ensure you know the Aim/Agenda and then following the meeting ensure there is a tangible Action. It will transform the effectiveness of your meetings.

3. Lead yourself

Do you run around doing everything in your business? Is there ‘too much to do’ on a daily basis? Then lead yourself and take effective decisions.

Can a task be eliminated, automated or delegated?

Some things we busy ourselves doing we simply shouldn’t be doing and neither should anyone else. Learn to say no, learn to stop things and learn that certain things are seasonal. Eliminate them from your schedule.

As my enterprises have grown over the past year, I have had to make some deliberate decisions. For example, with demands on my time from different teams, I decided earlier this year to engage a virtual assistant who now carry’s out so many of my routine and administrative tasks. It is totally liberating!

Automation is, for me, exciting because I’m not tied down by the least interesting tasks. Online accounting software means I don’t have to physically produce invoices or chase late payments. What can you automate in your business?

4. Optimise energy

I’m an early riser! My energy levels are at their highest between 6:30am and midday and then I have another rush of energy later in the afternoon. I know some people who find mornings a struggle but are at their best at 8pm!

Working out if you are a ‘lark’ (early bird), an ‘owl’ (late bird) or something else is really important because we are all different.

You might like to do a time and energy audit to see when you are your most effective and productive. Then you can schedule your most important work when you’re at your best and avoid planning critical meetings or work when you know you are likely to be hitting a wall.

5. Thinking time

I love Saturday and Sunday mornings! While the rest of my family snooze and my business colleagues are taking time out, I am alone with my thoughts and a fresh juice smoothie!

It is not my aim to ‘work’ during this time but when I’m unplugged and not trying is when I have my best ideas. And it’s not surprising because modern life is full of interruptions and distractions.

Research by Dr Glenn Wilson, at London’s Institute of Psychiatry, found that persistent interruptions and distractions have a profound effect. Those distracted by emails and phone calls saw a 10 point fall in their IQ! The study showed that constant interruptions have the same effect as losing a night’s sleep. In business, you so benefit from time to this but that is difficult with distractions.

When I arrive to a new city where I am invited as a keynote speaker, I will take time out to explore the city and use the time to think. Each Friday, I try to keep my mornings free so that I can take time out to think. As a result, my personal effectiveness has increased.

How do you improve your personal effectiveness? If you use other ways, please share your thoughts below. If you'd like Relationology International to help improve your personal effectiveness through our Academy courses, including Mastermind, contact us today.

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