4 ways accountability helps entrepreneurs

If you started the year by setting a goal or goals but are already off course there’s probably a reason for falling behind. And the biggest issue is probably a lack of accountability!

Research shows that to improve your chances of reaching goals, you need to be held accountable. According to the American Society of Training and Development, people are 65% more likely to reach a goal through accountability.

Accountability is powerful because it shows you have truly committed to your goal or goals. If you do not commit, you will never achieve. Step into a gym and you’re more likely to lose weight or increase fitness if you have a personal trainer. That’s because you are aware that they are invested in you and your commitment. As a result, you work towards your goals because you don’t want to let them down.

Without accountability, it’s easy to put things off for another day, a week or a month. Sometimes it is inevitable because life can throw a curveball so you have to alter priorities. But if no-one then asks you when you’re going to be back on track, it’s easy to let things slip.

Accountability is key to helping participants of Relationology Masterminds reach their goals. They say without sharing their goals and being held accountable they would probably have lost their way.

So why is accountability so powerful?

4 ways accountability helps reach goals

1. It helps you measure progress

People who take part in a Mastermind share their goals and once we help refine them, they break them down into ‘Most Important Next Steps’. This allows them and those they are accountable to track their progress. By using this measurement, those who hold you accountable can see how close your are to achieving your goals.

2. Accountability keeps you engaged

As already mentioned, life can get in the way and take you off course. Or, you may have a couple of days where you are tired and become easily distracted. Without accountability, such occasions can stop you in your tracks and you never get back to working on your goals. But if you have to answer for your progress, you are more likely to keep going once those distractions are over.

3. It keeps you responsible

It’s easy to make excuses to yourself if you aren’t making an effort to reach your goals. But if you are being held accountable, they soon wear thin to others. You’ll quickly realise that the only way to reach your goals is to take responsibility! Explaining your reasons for falling behind to people you’re accountable to is like a holding a mirror up to yourself. With those excuses eliminated, you’ll make deliberate actions that will bring about success.

4. You validate your ideas

We’re all our own worst critic! It’s easy to have an idea and write it off in an instant as being a bad choice. But if you have someone or people you can trust to bounce ideas off, they can help you make sound decisions. One of the reasons Masterminds work so well is because participants say the feedback they receive drove them to greater success. Getting views from people outside your organisation can often overcome your own fears or preconceived ideas.

One of the reasons Relationology Masterminds have a success rate in excess of 90% is because accountability is central to the programme. If you are ready to achieve and reach that goal that keeps eluding you, book today to take part in our next Masterminds.

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