4 reasons why you need a business coach

If you run a business, how are you planning for its future success? According to the USA’s Small Business Administration (SBA) group, one of the reasons businesses fail is because their owners lack knowledge or the skills required to grow their organisation.

The issue, it seems, is that they try to do everything and don’t know who to ask for help. Some business owners say that they simply cannot afford to employ someone to work on business growth and development. While lack of funds might mean you cannot pay a person full or part-time, there is an answer. A good, experienced business coach is worth their weight in gold and will help improve the future of your business.

That is the advantage of a Relationology One to One programme, which helps you define and achieve a specific goal or set of goals. You won’t be employing someone, but you will be able to take full advantage of an experienced coach’s knowledge. A coach ‘buys into’ your vision and wants to see you succeed.

A business coach isn’t free, but you are using their expertise and wealth of experience. An entrepreneurial coach can help provide clarity to help you move forward in a more focused way than a salaried individual.

Here are 4 reasons why you need a business coach

1. Seeing your blind spots

Good business coaches can help you see your blind spots. You maybe brimming with great ideas, but a good coach will stop you and make you think before you commit.

It is always best to allow a coach to get to know you so they are confident that when they highlight your blind spots, you don’t take offence. That’s why a programme, such as the Relationology Excelerator, can really help. The one-year strategy allows you to build an authentic relationship, so when blind spots are mentioned, you know it is because your coach has your interests at heart.

2. Unbiased insight

Speaking to a friend, family member or colleague can help when you have a business idea — but it can also hinder! To grow, you need constructive criticism and choosing someone too close might be a mistake because they are biased. A good business coach will get to know what you really want to achieve and help you make the most important next steps to break the journey down. They will also have a broader view and won’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to!

3. Meeting goals

Setting goals with a good business coach is incredibly powerful because they will support you to help you achieve them. Goals are a way of breaking down your plans so you don’t feel overwhelmed by one, giant task. A coach will give you confidence because they will ensure your goals are achievable. Looking at your goals from a different perspective means you can set goals that empower rather than exhaust you. And they will also…

4. Hold you accountable

One of the most powerful aspects of Relationology Masterminds is accountability. Almost everyone who takes part points out that accountability was a driver to achievement. Regular accountability to a coach makes you more focused, which is the benefit of a Relationology Excelerator programme. As a result, you will achieve greater growth.

Why not speak to us about a business coaching programme to suit you? Contact us today for details.

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