3 ways to set and achieve goals


Setting goals and, more importantly, achieving them is what Relationology Masterminds are all about.

For many of those who have taken part, their goal was something they had recently decided on. These goals range from something very personal, such as changing their diet, to a specific goal relating to their work; for example, adding a new service or streamlining their organisation to increase profits.

There are one or two people who, when you ask about their goal, will tell you they don’t have one. The truth is, we all have goals hidden away, but we may not recognise them as such.

So, if you think you are one of those people who have no goals or do not know where to start, here are 3 tips to help you set and achieve your goals.

1. What is your goal?

In our last article, Mugurel Margarit explained how something he wanted to achieve had been in the back of his mind for some time, indeed for several years. Mugurel wanted to train as a coach but he didn’t recognise it as a goal – he saw it as a dream.

Once he joined his Relationology Mastermind, he identified that the dream could be turned into a goal.

So, if you have an idea or dream that you’ve dismissed for some time, it could be turned into a goal. Before setting it, you need to ask yourself:

  • Is this goal something I really want
  • Is it important enough to spend time on and to put effort in?

If you answer ‘yes’ to those questions, then those dreams and ideas can become a goal.

One way to zero-in on your goal is to work out if it meets the SMART criteria. You may have heard the term ‘SMART goal’ and that’s a great place to start. But at Relationology we set SMAART goals. This means:

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Aspirational
  4. Achievable
  5. Relational
  6. Timed

Why do we use these criteria? Well, without using these milestones, your goal really is nothing more than a dream. If it isn’t specific, it isn’t a goal. For example, saying you want to increase profits by 10 per cent or lose 6kg in weight is specific. Saying you want to just increase profits by any amount or lose ‘some' weight is not only non-specific it makes it difficult to measure.

And if you don’t set a time – such as in 100 days – then it’s a dream, not a goal!

2. Break it down

Imagine your goal is to increase profits by 10 per cent or lose that 6kg of weight. How will you do it? If you simply wish or hope it’s highly unlikely to happen!

Achieving a goal seems daunting at the beginning. Even if there are 100 days in which to achieve it, you may worry that it’s just too difficult. Starting out negatively results in you feeling your goal is unachievable.

Instead, break it down into steps that are much easier to achieve. It’s like the old saying about eating an elephant: You don’t do it all at once, you break it into bitesize chunks. If you’ve ever climbed a mountain, you didn’t reach the top by taking one enormous leap, you took one step at a time.

In Relationology Masterminds, we call these Most Important Next Steps, or MINS. At the end of each session, we ask participants to focus on one step that will take them to their goal. If it’s losing weight, you may decide to reduce the bars of chocolate you eat to one a week as a treat. That one step will eventually form major strides that lead to your goal.

3. Be accountable

When setting a goal, accountability is absolutely essential. If you hold yourself accountable you’ll never get there because you’ll feel alone.

Relationology Masterminds have shown that by sharing the goal and having others champion your cause, you’re infinitely more likely of achievement. It’s not about peer pressure, but support.

If you ever miss out on reaching a Most Important Next Step, then being accountable means you get the chance to share any issues that prevented it. Not only does sharing help, those holding you accountable may have advice that gives you the ability to reach that step.

Now you know more about how to set a goal and what’s need to achieve it, you maybe excited about getting started. If you need more information about how Relationology Masterminds can help, contact us today for a chat.

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