3 reasons to hire a keynote speaker


When it comes to organising conferences, sales meetings or other corporate events, keynote speakers can help ensure they are a success.

Whether your conference is virtual or in person, ‘keynotes’ add an extra dimension that attracts people. And they can also offer new insights to inspire your team. While being a CEO is important, a different voice can help motivate your employees.

As we ease out of lockdowns around the world, physical events are likely to increase. According a recent report in the Financial Times, keynote speakers have seen a boom in the virtual market during the pandemic. During such times, a fresh perspective can offer the right encouragement to your workforce.

There are many reasons why a keynote speaker is important. Here are just three…

Increase attendance

If you want your conference or event to make an impact you need an exciting itinerary with competent speakers. If anyone stands in front of your audience without experience, it can lead to negative views and people lose interest.

Corporate events for your workforce can also be seen as somewhat repetitive if the sales director or CEO is the main speaker every year. Chances are, people will switch off as they have heard the message relayed in a similar way each time.

A keynote speaker shows that you want to offer more. Keynotes are used to offering inspiring ‘takeaways’ that add value to your event and that can attract more people.

A new perspective

After one keynote for a large bank, Relationology International founder Matt Bird was invited to deliver a programme about how to develop business relationships. The new perspective on the subject of client relations he offered inspired not only the workforce, but also the directors.

Different views from people who are not employed by a company allows people to expand their mind. As a result, new motivation can help solve issues or create new ideas to expand and improve business.

For conferences, a keynote’s perspective can be taken away by members of the audience, which allows your event to live longer in their memories.

Add credibility

If your business has a clear mission that they have heard dozens of times, they can easily become disillusioned. Hearing the mission from a different voice and angle engages your team, increasing productivity. It also elevates the importance of your message.

Keynote speakers who tell stories that relate to your mission can add credibility and authenticity to your message. For business leaders, keynote speakers can also inspire you and reinforce your own understanding of a mission.

No matter what the event or conference, keynote speakers offer a different insight. Relationology International founder Matt Bird has spoken to audiences of 40 to 40,000 people. If you would like to chat to him about the importance of a keynote speaker, contact him today via the website.

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