About Relationology

Relationology offers a solution to the intense and competitive challenges that face businesses today.

Clients may justify their decisions logically, but they buy emotionally – people buy people. Relationology has the framework, tools and resources to empower leaders and teams to create positive and powerful client-centric businesses.

Matt Bird is a keynote speaker who has shared his message with over 1 million people in 30 countries.

He is a sought after communicator who helps leaders, teams and entire businesses create relational cultures that foster growth, innovation and opportunity.

Practising what he preaches, Matt runs a philanthropic foundation that ignites positive change in communities across the world. For this, Matt has received commendations from successive Prime Ministers and been invited to co-chair the 10 Downing Street ‘Community Advisory Group’.

He writes regularly for The Times and lives in London with his wife Esther and their three children.

He would love to hear from you and discuss how he can help your leaders, team or business unleash the power of relationships in your organisation.

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How Relationology Can Help You


Is there something you would like to achieve but you’ve been hesitating? Join a Relationology Mastermind Group and take a 100-day sprint towards that goal with the advice, accountability and support of a team of leaders committed to your success.Find out more

Online Keynotes

Are you planning an event where you would like a guest speaker who you can be sure will engage and inspire your audience? Talk to Matt Bird who has world-wide experience that means you can confident he will deliver for you as well as your event.Find out more


Is your team or business going through a transition that is causing you to rethink how you maximise your relationships? Consult with Matt Bird who has global experience at making things happen through the relationships you build.Find out more

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