About Relationology

Relationology offers a solution to the intense and competitive challenges that face businesses today.

Clients may justify their decisions logically, but they buy emotionally – people buy people. Relationology has the framework, tools and resources to empower leaders and teams to create positive and powerful client-centric businesses.

Matt Bird is the Founder CEO of Relationology International helping leaders and their businesses build profitable relationships.

Relationology Mastermind Groups, Academy Courses and Keynote Speeches are renowned for creating lasting impact and change. Clients have included the US Federal Reserve Bank, Home Office, PwC International, Volkswagen and Godiva Chocolate.

Matt has personally spoken to more than 1 million people in 40 countries, authored 10 books, writes for The Times newspaper and is a frequent media broadcaster.

He spends time every day investing in relationships and a magazine reported, ‘When Malcolm Gladwell sat at his typewriter and wrote the chapter on connectors in The Tipping Point, he must have just finished a slap-up lunch with Matt Bird.’

Matt is also the founder of an international NGO caring for people experiencing isolation and building relational capital in communities. He has received commendations from successive British Prime Ministers and chaired the 10 Downing Street ‘Community Advisory Group’.

He lives in Wimbledon, London with his wife Esther and their three teenage children.

Matt would love to hear from you and discuss how he can help your leaders, team or business unleash the power of relationships in your organisation.

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How Relationology Can Help You

Online Masterminds

Is there something you would like to achieve but you’ve been hesitating? Join a Relationology Mastermind Group and take a 100-day sprint towards your goal with the support, advice and accountability of a group of peers committed to one another's success.Find out more

Online Speaking

Are you planning an event where you would like a guest speaker who you can be sure will engage and inspire your audience? Talk to Matt Bird who has world-wide experience that means you can confident he will deliver for you as well as your event.Find out more

Online Academy

Are you hungry to achieve something new in your life and work? The Relationology Academy enables you to acquire new skills to achieve new success. Whether its the relationships that will determine your next more or the know how to write and publish a book.Find out more

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